about rented
rented is a city-based pb gpsl set in new york city. characters can reside in any of the five boroughs. our goal in creating this gpsl is to encourage meaningful interaction among members and to develop characters without the pressures of external judgment. we are looking for unique characters from multiple backgrounds. as a community, we hope to encourage creative updating concepts.

we are currently also accepting semi-faux-celeb characters with no credit claims. semi-famous writers, podcasters, youtubers, artists, chefs, musicians, struggling stage actors, etc, may apply. we encourage you to create your character's "content" originally. rather than simply linking to or claiming credits, develop their podcast concept, book, screenplay, plays, comedy style and share it!

while discord is not required, many members of the community take advantage of discord to interact in-character. it provides an easy way to interact with existing members of the game quickly.
general guidelines
In order to create a judgment free writing community, we are asking that everyone disable anonymous commenting on their journals. No anonymous comments will be allowed in the community or during community-wide activities.

The in character/out of character line will be strictly enforced. Please keep all ooc comments in screened posts or in ooc-designated in-game activities (free for alls, etc.) Comments delivered in character will be assumed to be in character.

Also, if you read something you like, tell someone! Leaving an ooc comment in someone's contact post to say "I read that narrative and I loved it!" takes just a second, and positive feedback can be really beneficial. It's nice to know that people are seeing and enjoying what you've written/created/coded, and it helps to develop community to know that your work isn't being passed by. We will also be holding out-of-character question/answer events and free for alls to discuss development, swap ideas and brainstorm fun community-wide events and activities.

If any conflicts arise, please bring them promptly to the moderator's attention by private message, and then alert the moderators to that message in the dropbox. In character conflicts will be expected to be handled in character.

We have a zero tolerance plagiarism policy. If your application was deleted, you were not accepted at this time but in most cases you are welcome and encouraged to reapply.
all journals must be in character. please apply with a solid paragraph-style fact list about your character, or a biography of a few paragraphs. we're not asking for a novel, but a clear character concept is important to us! no examples necessary. we base acceptance on the clarity of writing in your character bio, and the presence of a strong character concept.

At rented we are looking for fully-realized characters. We want to encourage thorough development of characters before applying, in order to avoid the problems that can come with throwing multiple "blank slate" characters into the mix. This means that if you have characters you've shelved for awhile, or characters you've played before and miss, this might be a great place to dust them off, polish them up and let them shine.

When we say fully-realized, we're specifically looking for characters who have a developed, thought-out background that's motivating their current behavior. Of course, we anticipate characters will change, grow and develop within the game, but having a solid starting point is so important to connection and plot development. Something as simple as "she's the baby of the family, so she's louder, bolder, and used to having to talk over people to get what she wants" can add a lot to a character bio.

Of course, we realize that not all writers want to mention all of their character's traits in biographies, in hopes that some will be revealed within the game. This is perfectly fine! Just give us at least a few motivating factors and traits that we can look forward to seeing in your character. Build a little world around them, have fun, and be creative.

In hopes of encouraging a diverse, friendly, and welcoming community, we ask that you consider the face you are using for your character and ensure that it reflects your character's race/ethnicity properly.
activity requirements
we currently require one effortful update per month, but we encourage as many updates as you like. we also encourage updates that leave comments open for interaction's sake. please comment liberally. discord use is welcomed, but not mandatory. removals will be done at the end of each month. if you were accepted after the 20th of the month, you will be up for removal if you have not posted an entry by the end of the following month.
reach out!
we realize some of these rules and concepts are new and we encourage you to comment the dropbox with any questions you may have! thanks for applying, and happy writing!